Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Big Toe watches over...

Summary of our big day...

Osteopath. Most of the hour long appointment was spent taking Owen's medical history. Dr. Cavanaugh was able to spend another 10-15 minutes assessing Owen's structure. He feels that there is restriction at the base of his neck and confimred that there is some curvature of the spine. He really feels as though he can help Owen's nervous system and overall tension. We have another appointment next Monday.

Nutritionist. We are doing everything exactly right in fortifying Owen's formula. We are a bit disappointed that we (Kelsey) had to take it upon ourselves to do this and that it wasn't suggested earlier. Owen has gained another 3 or so ounces in the last four days and the nutritionist said that she is VERY pleased with his overall weight gain the last two weeks.

Neurology. A huge piece of good news... Owen's EEG from our emergency visit a few weeks ago, upon full examination, was deemed normal. The epileptologist who did a cursory review in the ER said that he was "surprised that it wasn't more abnormal" given Owen's history, but I guess after a full reading, aside from a few spikes (which were still within normal range), it was determined to be a normal EEG AND age appropriate! This doesn't mean that there won't be underlying "problems" associated with the trauma, but rather that Owen's been able to stabilize and sort things out a bit. We are so, so proud of him. He's come such a long way. There are still plenty of concerns - all of which we knew going in. Owen's head size has not increased much since birth, he is very high tone (meaning that he holds his arms and legs stiff much of the time), and he has trouble "organizing." But for now, we are delighted with the news of the EEG and celebrate this milestone. Or, as one of the women from the special needs forum at mothering.com said, with kids like Owen we call it an "inchstone."

Off to have some dinner (it is 8:00 pm) after an 11 hour day, two ferry rides, three appointments, lots of I-5 traffic and hospital fatigue...


karengberger said...

What a big, and exhausting, day. Way to go, Owen and family!
Owen is soooo photogenic. I love the photos. We are also loving our "Half-Caff" Grounds for Change blend. What great flavor; we are hooked!
You are doing everything with great love, which reminds me of what Mother Teresa said (something like, "We can do no great things; only small things with great love"). That is wonderful "medicine," in my opinion. Three cheers for your family!

Shannon said...

Isn't amazing how things can be such big wins? I'm so glad to hear that Owen is doing so well. Keep up the good work! Having two wonderful parents and an awesome extended family will help Owen out incredibly.

barnyardmama said...

Howdy! Sounds like our little ones have a lot in common. Mine had a stroke in his optic cortex on the left side. He also had a few other, less severe strokes. Took me forever just to get this diagnosis. I thought he had what's called an IVH for months.

Anyway, the stroke affected his vision on his right side, and also caused Strabismus. THere is some optic nerve atrophy, but all the doctors say he can see. Like your son, it definitely seems like some days are better than others.

We've also had some tone issues and hydrocephalus as a result of the stroke, but our biggest issue so far has been the vision.

Stop by my blog any time: littlerockbarnyard.spaces.live.com I'm in the process of moving to blogger, but haven't completely made the leap yet.