Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We are doing great - Owen is gaining weight like a champ, it is our favorite time of year AND our favorite holiday and we've got a visit from Grandpa Marshall and Nai Nai coming up at the end of this week. I'll share more photos from our evening at the clubhouse Halloween gathering along with a more detailed "Owen update" tomorrow after our weight check at the pediatrician's.

Great Aunt Lei Ann sent a beautiful knit pumpkin hat (which is so cool, he'll be wearing it well past Halloween).

Aunt Laura gave Owen a colorful Halloween onesie, spooky socks and a ghost hat.

Owen loves his gorgeous quilt (in the photos below) that Claudia Kumai, a lovely friend and a former co-worker at Fred Hutchinson, made for him and that we just received yesterday.

Adam and Ann at Meadowlark Cafe in Lincoln, Nebraska sent a handmade pumpkin onesie that we've yet to capture on film. And for Halloween tonight at the Indianola clubhouse, Owen is dressing up as a Washington native species - Ursus Americanus - a black bear.

Lastly, Halloween is ALWAYS appropriately celebrated at Grounds for Change, and so in the spirit of our favorite holiday, I had to include our annual photo.

Happy Halloween!


Laura said...

Your pics are awesome! I love all the Hallween attire for Owen. What a sweet little pumpkin. I love all the GFC costumes. You all look so fantastic. I heard Coop won the contest. Way to go Coopey! It is so great to see you all smiling and having such a great time. Miss you all. Happy Halloween! Love ya, Auntie Laura

Tiff said...

Happy Halloween!! You guys look great! Smooches to Owen, love the outfits. He looks so comfy!
Tiff, Jamie and Evan

shirley nelsen said...

I FINALLY figured out how to reply to you! Still not sure why, but it worked this time. I think it has something to do with google and yahoo. I love your blog. Your narrations are rare art forms.
There are three months of comments I have written to you and Owen, and they are in the ether somewhere!
Owen TURNING OVER! Owen has a great EEG! Owen getting fat! What marvelous, amazing and loving news. I loved Velma's shirt for him. And I hope to be helping you in some way pretty soon.
love, shirley