Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Many Faces of Owen

We visited the pediatrician's on Thursday... no weight gain from our visit three weeks ago. We thought this might be the case. There was a period of almost two weeks, immediately after our last visit, when Owen was keeping VERY little food down. Our suspicion is that he actually lost weight only to gain it back again after starting on the fortified formula last week. With the "liquid cheesecake," we are now on our way up - we've had weight gain days now for over a week. Our other new trick is a quick burst of air to interrupt the vomiting. Kelsey, in behavioral science mode, discovered about a week or so ago that this works to stop Owen from losing his food. As soon as we hear things coming up, we give a quick "poof" of air in his face. Yes, this was incredibly hard for me to do the first few times. But it's that or Owen loses much of his food and continues to not gain weight. The choice is pretty clear. What is really crazy is that we've gone from losing 8-10 ounces a day to now only about 2-3.

Owen continues to have more frequent alert periods and is gaining additional head control - enough so that he can face forward in the Bjorn carrier. We went on a nice walk today in the autumn glow of Indianola.

The other photos show some of the "faces" of Owen. We caught him "on film" pouting (he's a pro at the pout - it is so incredibly cute), yawning and looking very sweet while sleeping.

Lots of love from Indianola.



Tiff said...

Owen is such a cutie pie! Love the pic's. Kels... you look so "Mr. Dad" with the front pack on. I love it. I miss the day's when Evan was in one of those. I bet he loved getting outside.


Ramona said...

I heart Owen and my favorite coffee peoples! TnC was sold out of ALL your stuff! Except the Bolivian med I bought L'Owen! Viva the bean! :)

Mick said...

It's true, Mr. Marshall looks happier than could be, carrying his superstar son! Thanks for the pictures and the updates; we are awed by your combined triple-heartbeating strength.

g'ma mimi said...

Just reviewed Owen's blog and pictures. He gets handsomer every day. He's ALL BOY! I loved seeing his lower lip quiver when I saw him at the Pediatric clinic. I don't know why - it was just so sweet. Hope I'll see Owen and his parents real soon again. Love you all with all my heart!!!!
(Leslie finally found my password so I could post this to the blog...)

Corey said...

It's great to see the Indianola sun shining through on you.