Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ooooooo, baby.

I am so excited.

Janet and I (and Owen) had a chance to take a look at the Burley D'Lite in person yesterday at REI. I have spent the last few months reading up on double bike trailers. The D'Lite also converts to a pull-behind with skis for our annual Methow Valley x/c ski trips and has consistently received excellent reviews from parents, including a few who have kids with CP. One such parent said, ""I recommend this product to anyone in the market for a trailer. I use this for trailing, walks, zoos, parks, jogging. I am a stay at home mother that has a child with cerebral palsy that cannot do anything independently (including sitting). I wanted her to experience bike riding and needed a safe, secure, and comfortable ride for my daughter. This is the ONLY product on the market that I would put her in."

I am NOT being paid by Burley to post this - I swear. It's just that we LOVE to bike, love to travel, Owen loves to ride/move and this trailer will get all of us out of the house. It's a double-seater and holds two kiddos for a total of up to 100 pounds. We hope to get this sometime this winter and will retrofit it with the "Baby Snuggler" padded harness/slings for both kids. This kit is used for smaller tikes who have less head/truck control and will really help to secure both babes in their seats.

We've looked into trails (some of them nice, flat railroads that have had the tracks pulled up and converted into bike trails) across BC, on Vancouver Island, in the San Juan Islands, in California and here in WA State. So many possibilities! Owen (and his brother) will be able to hear the birds, smell the fresh air and see the beautiful sights as we all cruise along on our wheels. Now we just need to get our road/mountain bikes down, dusted off and tuned up.

Owen has really been enjoying his Ergo Carrier the last three weeks - so much so that sometimes this is THE ONLY place he wants to be. And I love it. After so many months of seizures, sleeplessness and fussiness, it is lovely to be able to take him into a public place like REI (where we were for two hours yesterday) and have him calmly experience the sights and sounds. He even managed to fit in a nap while we were there. I have joked that I am going to keep him skinny just so I can continue to carry him around and keep him close to me.

We met up with my mother's cousin and her family (Mary, Tim, Madison and Sarah) at the Puyallup Fair a couple of weeks ago. My mother grew up raising livestock for 4H and all of us, having grown up in Iowa, enjoyed experiencing the quintessential summer reminder of our roots. Owen's favorite, hands-down, was the cow barn. He immediately went quiet and got wide-eyed when we entered. The beautiful, mocha-colored Jersey cow that we stopped next to was nice enough to let out a timely, long, sweet "moooooo." Owen loved it! I know the smell was also new and wonderfully intense for him - the warm hay mixed with a bit of cow funk... I wanted to include the strip from the black and white photo booth that he and I got cozy in at the fair. Me and my sweetie... well, one of my sweeties. I have a few of these strips of Kelsey and I to document the booths we've cozied up together in, in our almost 19 years of couplehood...

I've also promised some that I would post ultrasound photos, so here they are. The ultrasound was on September 11th, so a full three weeks ago. My pooch continues to grow, and Owen's little brother continues to kick. No more of the barely noticeable, gentle movements. These are now the unmistakable bumps and kicks of a frolicking, growing baby within my belly.


karengberger said...

Wonderful photos and news.
That trailer looks heaven-sent, with the kudos from other parents and the REI backing; very exciting to look forward to. It's lovely that you and Owen can now go places together, like shopping, with enjoyment.
We continue to LOVE our GFC coffee; nothing else comes close! God bless all of you.

Jen said...

You guys are an inspiration. I love your blog, and thank you for the time you put into keeping your curious but distant followers updated! I can´t remember if I have said so yet, but congrats on the pregnancy and we are thinking of and rooting for you all! What a beautiful family of amazing people you are.

sending our love,
Jen and Ty

jamie said...

i love the photobooth pics....those are so cute!

Bird said...

Omigosh! Snafu with my updater and I had no idea you'd made new posts. I came by today to show Owen to my husband.

I love how you describe Owen's reaction to the cow booth. I can completely relate.

I'd love to say that Hubby and I bike, but this is the deep south and we mostly lay around and eat here. My west-coast buddies are consistently horrified. Can't wait for the day when you post pics of the two brothers cruising with mom and dad.