Friday, October 10, 2008

As promised...

The photo of my sister, Laura, taken on October 28th, 1982, with the gigantic pumpkins she grew that year on our two acre parcel outside of Iowa City, Iowa.

Happy Halloween!


Laura said...

Where did you find that Stacy? lol... Man, I love my hair in that picture. Thanks for sharing with everyone ;)

rosebush said...

Hello: I am new to blogs and the blogospere in general. I stumbled across your blog today. You have done a wonderful job telling Owen's story and allowing the reader to share in your family's journey. It is a road with unexpected turns. Your optimisim is wonderful.
It isn't an easy road. I know. My wife and I are the proud parents of twin boys, Peter and Ben(I'm not able to attatch a photo) who are now four.Peter has CP and microcepahly as a result of Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome. Ben is perfectly normal.
Your blog describes many of the same struggles our family has gone through. Philosophically our families are quite similar. That's how I stumbled across your blog; I googled 'special needs children' portland oregon and was directed to a website with your inquiry about Portland in it.
Which brings me to the subject of this email(in addition to kudos on your blog). I gather from your blog address and subject that you have not moved to Portland. May I inquire as to why not? We live in Minnesota and are considering a move to Portland.
Any thoughts you'd have would be welcome.
Enjoy the salt water for us. Our son Peter loves the water.

S/K/O said...

Hi John,

I'd love to share my thoughts on Portland, a place my husband and I lived and enjoyed tremendously for three years in the late 1990s. Your profile does not indicate an email address or blog URL. Is there an email address that I can email you at? You are also welcome to email me at


Andrea said...

I am so glad that I found your blog again! I am happy to hear about your new baby and continuing love affair with Owen. i think about you all from time to time and apologize for not being in touch.I hope to run into you here in Indianola. I might just pick up the phone and plan a visit. Thank you for posting Cinnamon's blog. I have been trying to find it. Love and Blessings to you all, Andrea