Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our traveling friends.

We have two friends, Pam and Cinnamon, each on two separate journeys across various parts of the globe. Pam left her long-standing career at Parsons Public Relations, THE best, woman-owned and operated, sustainable, green business-focused PR firm in Seattle (in my humble opinion) on sabbatical in early September and will be traveling for 10 months throughout Nepal, India, Laos, Vietnam, Poland (to meet family), and then parts of Central America. Cinnamon, a single mom, wanted to give her two children, both in their early teens, an experience living and working abroad. They left in August and are traveling through various parts of South America for a year.

And we continue to enjoy Owen (whose seizures are still down to just 6-10 a day), grow babies, bake bread, can preserves, grow our sustainable business and enjoy our life here in Indianola. That said, the current situation with the economy and the mortgage/lending crisis has us very, very worried. And I continue to dream of the possibilities for my children, this country, and the planet with an Obama/Biden administration.


Shannon said...

I couldn't agree, more. SO glad to hear that Owen is continuing to do so well and that baby growing is also going well!

jamie said...

thanks for the comment...i have been keeping up with your blog and am glad that the diet is working...milo's seizures are pretty well controlled with medication, he has about three a day, but for a while he was having 20 or so a day and it was so i can only imagine how it must have been for you guys. your right about the was a hard decision, when we left the nicu we thought we were done with feeding tubes, but it was one of the best decisions we have made so far because we have time to focus on things other than milo's feeding...and we arent living in constant worry and fear that he's not eating enough, and not gaining's just the biggest relief...anyway, thanks for the enouragement...its always nice to hear that things will get better from someone who has been there.