Thursday, August 28, 2008

Homeward bound!

It is 9:00 am and we are in the final stages of packing up our hotel room. O tolerated the 100% ketocal PERFECTLY and is about to start his second day of the full strength formula. Dr. Olson, the NP and dietician were all so surprised yesterday morning to read the nurse's report from Tuesday indicating that Owen had no problems whatsoever with the 2/3 strength formula. As I've mentioned, this is very atypical for kids who have a history of severe GERD. And now he's passed the 100% test and we are free to leave for home.

Last night was so great. Owen had one period of about twenty minutes where he had probably 10 seizures, but on two other occasions, fell asleep with NO seizures. This has not happened since early May. We all got about seven hours of sleep. Remarkable.

I'm always so hesitant to feel such great joy and relief when things seem to work for Owen's epilespy but, you know, I have a really good feeling about this diet and believe that it will work.

And now our sights are set on Indianola...

With much love and appreciation for everyone's support,



joeandsara said...

whahoo! this is great news! ...happy dance with belly out...big hugs & belly smooches to baby owen!
s & j

Mommy07 said...


I had responded to a post below but would like to respond again, as I have now read a lot of your blog from start to finish.

First off you have a beautiful and amazing little family, warm wishes to you as you start your journey with baby #2.

I am very happy that the diet has thus far been a success for your little guy, I have a growing list of families who I have "met" through the blog world that are in my thoughts =)

I have some questions, I too had a full term baby suffer from HIE, also without apparent distress during L&D. You seem like you have a good team of docs who have been able to answer some questions regarding this and I would love to communicate about this with you.

If this is intrusive, I am sorry, it's just from one mother to another, reaching out to try and find some answers which I am sure you understand.

I also blog, but I erased my prior blog that had all the details of Noah's situation as I felt it was too pessimistic, trying to "start over" and move on as my boy is doing very well and I am trying to get back to the "old me".

Jennifer said...


It is thrilling that things are looking up! I hope the good nights of sleep persist!

Safe travels!!


Janet Chalupa said...

I am so excited that the diet is working and so anxious to see everyone of you. I will be bringing Laura over to be with you guys on Saturday.

Grandma Chalupa

Shannon said...

You were so right to hope! Our continued hopes and thoughts and good wishes continue!

Kathryn said...

Yeah! So glad that Owen is taking to the new diet. Safe travels home and we hope for more good nights of sleep back in Indianola.
xoxo Kath

Bird said...

Hooray for Owen! I'm optimistic as well.

Tiff said...

Woo Hoo!! Hip, Hip Hooray! Safe travels and we hope that this diet is a continued success. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Much love! Tiff and fam

Bird said...

Wondering how that ultrasound went?