Friday, October 1, 2010

Another day.

Over in the city. Hours full of appointments. Clinic rooms. Hospitals...

Kelsey is with us on this lovely, sunny Autumn day. We'll be receiving the sleep study results from the sleep specialist (pulmonologist) in his office in Issaquah. Then, we'll be making a trip up to Bellevue, to the fancy, new offices of the Seattle Children's satellite clinic where the orthopedic surgeon has his fancy, new office. Bellevue's a fancy place. We'll be hearing, directly from the orthopedist, whether surgical intervention - growing rods along Owen's spine - are necessary, right now, at age three, to help maintain his respiratory health and keep him from suffocating under the weight of his own body. Serious shit. I can't even begin to articulate the fear, anxiety and saddness I feel surrounding this issue.

It's a serious one. A serious concern. Owen caught a cold this week from Elliot. We've been up every night with him, suctioning the mucous out of his throat to keep it out if his chest. Fear. But, this time, it seems as though he'll be fine. Hope.

~ S


MizzMarr said...

Oh gosh you guys... our hearts go out to you, and we'll hold only the best thoughts for you all. Lots of love from Jen and Ty.

karen gerstenberger said...

Hoping with you.

shirley nelsen said...

Gosh. I do now know the EAST SIDE AT ALL. What a change from quite, wonderful Indianola. But what is best for Owen. I think of your lovely family so much. sooo often. Been busy with multiple eye surgeries past two years, last one last week. Look forward to all that is good for Owen and his world. It IS serious shit.
My best thoughts and love to your little family and most of all to Owen.
Love, Shirley