Monday, November 2, 2009


It is extremely difficult to give Owen a haircut. He makes rapid, unpredictable movements, often arching or kicking his legs out or turning his head so fast to one side that it is almost impossible not to cut an ear off. So I don't cut it very often. Besides, he's got fabulous locks, silky and reddish-golden, and I really hate to cut them. But I did finally give him a haircut today as it had been several months and well, he's going to "school" now on Wednesdays so I thought I'd best spiffy him up a bit. It only took me an hour. One hour. What is totally heart-warming, heart-MELTING, about this photo is that he was looking right at me. Straight on.

I have also cut back on the amount of time I spend blogging about Owen. This is partly because we've just come through an exceptionally rough period and I've just not had the time. Now that we're out of this rough period and both boys are happy, (Owen smiling, eating and "laughing," and Elliot crawling, talking and almost walking), I so desperately want to spend every last bit of time with them - rolling around on the floor, laughing, being silly - instead of spending it with my nose in my keyboard. Time goes so fast and right now, I am having so much fun being a mother. It's totally dreamy.

Lastly, I'm not posting as much because, well, it's kind of nice to be a little more private and not blog about our every up and down and doctor's appointment, new medication and new intervention. I had to laugh, knowingly, at Elizabeth's post a few weeks ago about "compassion fatigue." Sometimes I find that I tire just telling everyone about it all, the minutia, the things that probably set us apart from others, knowing at the same time that EVERYONE has their ups and downs and that we're all in this together, paddling our boats through the sunshine and the storms.

So if you don't hear from us for weeks or months, please know we're okay. We're just being our "normal" selves. You can always connect with us by email ( or through Facebook. We'd love to connect about food, films, kids, coffee, the changing of the seasons.... or just hear how YOU'RE doing.

Happy Belated Halloween!


Shannon said...

Owen looks like such a big boy! How did these babies of ours get so big!?!

We've been totally rocking out to some Ziggy today. We haven't sent out thank you's for Darsie's birthday yet but we are really loving it. Thank you!

karen gerstenberger said...

He's so handsome. Love the cut. And I'm glad to hear that you are taking time to simply enjoy the moments that are rich & good. If only more parents (more people in general) would do so, it would be a better, happier world. Blessings to you!