Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, I am once again on ACTH injections and it's no fun at all. My spasms returned last week and they were making me really unhappy. I know that Mom and Dad are keeping their fingers crossed that it works this time as there is no "third time." I am on double the dose that I was before, but on a shorter course. I have been out of sorts the last two days, especially an hour or so after my morning injection. I will be done with this second round on March 19th - a day before the first day of spring. Mom and Dad say that I've got so much to look forward to and to experience out in the garden come spring - the birds, the scents, the herb garden, the fresh soil, the cool grass, walks down to the beach. Spring will be a good time for all of us.

I wanted to share the link for my friends who taught Mom and Dad how to give me extra food by tube. Tobin has been through so much and is such a strong little guy. I hope to spend time with him once spring arrives. Mom and Dad say we are so grateful to have so many caring people, such as Tobin's parents, in our lives.

Mom and Dad continue to take photos and video... I keep telling them that I'm not a huge fan of being caught on camera, but they just keep gettin' me on film. Check out my sweet gecko shoes from my Great Aunt Lei Ann. I've worn them several times the last week and have received so many compliments. And the yellow bath towel is from Grandma and Grandpa Chalupa. It is so nice and soft and feels so good on my skin! Cousin Tiffany (and Jamie and Evan) sent me some totally rad Valentine's Day bibs which I haven't yet had a chance to try out. I think it is okay to celebrate Valentine's Day over the course of several days, and I plan to test these bibs out in the next few days. Stretch out the looooove - that's my thought. My new dog friend, Dutch, is a hoot. He loves to cuddle - with me, with Siva, with anyone really... he totally digs Dad's lap.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, Owen

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Jennifer said...

We love you all very much!

xoxoxo, Jen and Megan