Thursday, January 10, 2008


How timely, in numerous ways, that this is the buzzword for the 2008 presidential campaign. Kelsey and I have long said that human's ability to adapt to change is one of our greatest traits, one that allows us to move forward, through good times and bad, to become better individuals and engaged participants in our global community. We don't always immediately accept it and it is not always easy, but it makes us react. It makes us think. Whether it be the biodeisel movement, a move towards sustainable communities, a focus on social and economic justice (at home and abroad), a change in where we shop to support the "little guy," or an intimate shift in what a small, family unit thought would be a given outcome, the strength that is gained through adaptation to these new circumstances cannot be artificially created or discovered in any personal development courses.

For Christmas this year, I received a book from my fabulous aunt and uncle, Barb and Kevin, entitled "Keep Going: The Art of Perseverance." It is written by a Lakota, Joseph Marshall III, and is based on conversations he had with his grandfather upon the death of his father. There are so many powerful messages, but one quote was especially moving and relevant. "Difficult experiences, whether they are sadness, loss, hunger, poverty, illness or death, rarely occur because you have invited them into your life. But when life does place hardship in your path, it always offers a chance to learn strength. THAT is the unseen gift."

Change is not easy, it always requires a shift of some sort which means a certain level of uphevel. I do not claim to be a perfect adapter, I'm not, but when I look back at the opportunities that I've had to change, the ones that were the most difficult were the ones that most deeply affected me and instigated positive change.

Owen is doing great. He ended his ACTH treatment today and Janet and I let out a collective hurrah at the last injection. It has been emotionally difficult to administer these each morning the last two months. My mother is amazing - always positive, always seeing the good, always reassuring. Sure, she closed her eyes each time I gave the injection as she held Owen, but she never faltered and always reminded me that it was being done out of love for Owen. His spasms have yet to return and we hope they never will.

We work each day on head control, torso control, grasping objects and becoming familiar with solid foods. We celebrate the "inchstones." He has discovered his thumb, caught glimpses of his hand as it moves across his field of vision. These are causes for celebration.

Kelsey and I so loved seeing so many of you at the Gala Coffiesta. Many of you requested more information on the glass and metal work displayed by Myorian Studio. Dave and Kelly are wonderful souls and their work is equally beautiful.

Thank you for your support of our family and of our family-owned business.

Happy New Year,


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michael said...

"Sweetness!!! Good news on his 6 month 1 day (and some inches) birthday."