Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Growing up

Our baby is no longer... he's now our little boy.

With all of the struggles with weight gain and the fact that Owen has little head control, no trunk control and, unlike most other 20 month olds who are walking, needs to be carried from place to place, we've found ourselves a bit stuck in time. Owen has, up until Elliot's arrival, still seemed like our little baby.

I've shed a few tears these last few days, looking at my little boy and realizing that he's growing up. We cut his hair yesterday for the first time in months and I cried - again. He has such beautiful locks and the longer hair made him look so sweet. Things were starting to get a bit unruly, though, and so I decided to finally him a little boy haircut. He looks even sweeter but, alas, that baby look is gone. I am slowly becoming okay with this as I know that all of this means he is growing into his role as big brother, as much in our eyes as in his.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

More photos....

Elliot & Family.

Everything continues to go exceptionally smooth. Elliot is having increasingly more alert times and it's been fun to watch him make faces and pay attention to his environment. He is a champion eater/breastfeeder and it makes me unbelievably happy to say that this relationship is going perfectly. He eats every 1-2 hours and finishes every last drop. Not conducive to sleep, but certainly to a healthy growing baby.

Xo, S/K/O/E

Friday, February 6, 2009

Elliot Andrew Marshall

...was born on Wednesday, February 4th at 11:52 am at Swedish Hospital after a smooth and uneventful labor and delivery.

The numbers:

8 lbs 5 ounces
21 inches

Owen hears his brother, goes still and quiet and then smiles and smiles. He approves.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Friends doing great things.

I thought I'd take this time, while we attempt to patiently wait for O's brother's arrival and when there is not much new to report with Owen, to spread the word about some great people doing great things. I hope that one of the positive outcomes of the economic "crisis" is that we pay more attention to where the things we purchase - whether it be our pottery or our canine companions - come from and who and WHAT those dollars support.

Our friends, Mark and Ginger, are big fans of big dogs, especially mastiffs. They recently volunteered to foster an English Mastiff named Nelson. Ohhhh, he's a cutie. They are so close to keeping him for themselves, but really want him to go to a home where he can be with people during the day (versus left alone while the humans go to work). You can find out more about Nelson here. Let's help find Nelson a good home!

Elisha, of Elisha Rain Photogrpahy, specializes in maternity and newborn photography. She is a wonderful soul, engaged community member (Indianola) and incredibly talented photographer who captured our pregnancy with Owen in a loving and beautiful way. I treasure the photos she took of Kelsey and I when I was 38 weeks pregnant. Not only do these photographs make lifetime keepsakes, but if you are looking to support a local business woman and artist and want a shower or mother blessing gift that will always be treasured, a gift certificate from Elisha is absolutely perfect. She lives in Indianola, her studio is located in SoDo District of Seattle and she works out of both locations. She also has exhibits of her work at the following businesses.

Dani Spins. I've known Dani for over ten years, dating back to our Portland days. I was absolutely delighted when we visited a couple of years ago to learn that the pieces of pottery that were casually sitting on their sideboard, that I was oogling over, were made by Dani. She has an excellent, creative eye (as she should since she is also a very talented graphic designer) and the glaze style she uses on her pieces is stunning. These pieces are truly unique and absolutely gorgeous. They are also very affordable. The next time you are looking for a wedding gift, I strongly urge you to visit her site.

And, if you are local to Seattle or Kitsap...

... visit Ginger. You can read about them here. We bought a piece from Myorian Studio last year with some money that was given to us - the stipulation was that we not spend the money on bills, or expenses, but that we instead buy something that makes us happy, gives us joy. The piece we have is similar to this one. It's huge - more than six feet across and three feet tall. It is BIG, BEAUTIFUL and makes me so happy every time I look at it. Dave and Kelly of Myorian Studio create metal and glass pieces that fit well with indoor spaces (sconces, railings, wall hangings) as well as pieces that make a lovely addition to the garden (gates, large sculptures). They also do custom work so don't be afraid to ask! All of the business partners at Ginger live in Indianola.

A number of OKM readers already know Shannon at Cerebral Palsy Baby. She and I connected via the blogosphere, and as it turns out, she and her family live in Port Orchard, only 30 minutes from Indianola. Her Esty store, Small Grapes, is a favorite of mine. Yes, many of you will recognize some of your holiday/shower/birthday gifts when you visit this site. I just love Shannon's stuff.

Please spread the word and share these links with friends and family. I know also that there are so many others out there that I didn't mention. PLEASE share this information with us so that we can, in turn, spread the word about other individuals/small businesses doing great things. They are the foundation of a healthy, creative, sustainable economy!